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Home Publications Linux Security Update Overview (April 3, 2019)
Linux Security Update Overview (April 3, 2019)
Wednesday, 03 April 2019 10:00

The following Linux distributions have released security updates to fix vulnerabilities:
Gentoo: Security updates for Subversion, Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox, GlusterFS, BURP, Poppler, Unbound, Libical, and Cairo.
Ubuntu: Security updates for Linux kernel, Firebird, Dovecot, and GPAC. Debian: Security updates for thunderbird, twig, and dovecot.
Arch Linux: Security updates for evolution, dovecot, and imagemagick.
Red Hat: Security updates for freerdp, thunderbird, and libssh2.
OpenSUSE: Security updates for yast2-rmt, python-azure-agent, libqt5-qtimageformats, libssh2_org, putty, libgxps, openwsman, wireshark, libqt5-qtsvg, unzip, lftp, ghostscript, perl-Email-Address, tor, python-cryptography, python-pyOpenSSL, libjpeg-turbo, python-Flask, and openssl-1_0_0.

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