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Home Publications Linux Security Update Overview (9th January)
Linux Security Update Overview (9th January)
Tuesday, 09 January 2018 15:30

The following Linux distributions have released security updates to fix vulnerabilties:
Debian: Security updates for poppler and linux kernel(for Meltdown attacks)
Gentoo Linux: Security updates for LibXfont/LibXfont2, WebkitGTK+, MiniUPnPc, GNU Emacs, Back In Time, OpenSSH, LibXcursor, Chromium/Google Chrome, OptiPNG, and Binutils. Gentoo Linux also released a document for the plan of mitigation against the 'Meltdown' and 'Spectre' side channel attacks against modern CPUs.
Ubuntu: Security updates for PySAML2, Tomcat, AWStats, poppler, Firefox(for Meltdown/Spectre attacks), Ruby, Dnsmasq, Apport, and WebKitGTK+. Ubuntu is also mentaining their current status on the Meltdown/Spectre issues at Ubuntu wiki.
SUSE: Security updates for Linux Kernel(for Meltdown/Spectre attacks), kernel-firmware, kvm, and qemu.

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