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Home Event 2016 APCERT AGM & Annual Conference
2016 APCERT AGM & Annual Conference
Tuesday, 01 November 2016 10:11

With the sophistication and complexity of emerging cyber threats, it is more and more important for CERTs/CSIRTs to work together hand-in-hand to deal with incidents across the globe.As a regional forum, APCERT aims to strengthen its partnership among members as a "borderless" community by enhancing information sharing and cooperation for incident response.With an aim to perform "seamless" action among members for incident response, the community also focuses on capacity building for members through selected workshops and training programs.APCERT hopes that the 2016 conference will be a venue to promote such a coherent state of the community.

MOCERT participated in the APCERT AGM & Annual Conference 2016 between 24 - 27 October 2016. The event was hosted by JPCERT/CC in Tokyo, Japan. The theme for this year is "Borderless Cooperation, Seamless Action- Towards a Cleaner, Greener Cyber Space".MOCERT contributed not only as an Operational Member of APCERT, but also as part of the steering committee of APCERT. The chairman of MOCERT, Dr. Chuk Yau, presented a paper in the APCERT steering committee meeting, "Soft System Perspective of Information Security Risk Management". He inspired a lot of interesting discussion and ideas from paricipants.

Details of the APCERT AGM & Annual Conference 2016 and the program should be available on the external link:

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