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Internet Weather

The icons give a summary indication of the danger on the internet.

Treat them like you are looking at the icons of a weather station and take appropriate measures to keep your internet experience a safe one.

Followings are the levels:

1) Normal (GREEN)
There is nothing special about the environment of the internet that causes alarm. Continue to use the same level of caution you normally do.


2) Cautious (YELLOW)
There are some vulnerabilities in the use of the internet such as a 0-Day exploit. Yet, there are no general attacks being seen on these vulnerabilities. It is advised to be more careful about your use of the internet and heighten your awareness of security.


3) Dangerous (ORANGE)
Attacks on computers are being carried out on the internet. These attacks are, as yet, not targeting Macau computers with intent. Yet, a high level of security awareness on your activities on the internet is strongly advised.


4) Severe (RED)
Attacks on computers are happening to core internet systems making your use of the internet hazardous. Macau computers are being affected and it is advised that you visit only well known websites, and use a high degree of caution when using the internet.


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